15th Biennale of Art in Pancevo, DE/RECONSTRUCTION: TIME, SPACE, MEMORIES


7th September – 7th October
“Visual program is conceived by Nikola Dedić and Aneta Stojnić. They see the space of Biennal as a critical public space in which to reconstruct public debates on contemporary society. Their concept is based on setting up a flexible and critical dialog platform on which the participants will meet to review the Yugoslav heritage in the contemporaneity – for example Four Faces of Omarska, The Ignorant Schoolmaster, The Culture of Memories, The Context Collective, Center for New_Media Kuda . org, DeArticulation, Shadow Casters, TkH and others.” ( from text by Miško Šuvaković in the Catalogue of 15th Biennale of Art in Pancevo)


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