The Art of Ignorance


MAIZ, Linz

Exhibition opening 22nd December 2015

The Art of Ignorance exhibition is a result of a project offered by organization maiz for migrants and refugees, and curated by Aneta Stojnić. The project deals with topics of ignorance, un/knowledge and de/learning and delves into the meaning, function, construction, deconstruction and re-politicization of these concepts. In a series of theoretical and practical workshops we explored the epistemic violence in the context of migration, as well as the topics such as art and activism; knowledge and power; decolonial aesthetics; solidarity and alliances; strategies of empowerment and possibilities for struggle etc. Various artistic methods were applied in order to address the issues brought up as important by the workshop participants. All the works in the exhibition were developed by the workshops participants in the collective process of learning and discussions. Presented projects included video works, installation, animation, performance and theatre. Window exhibition as well as the public event at the opening was designed to engage the local community.

Workshop participants: Ahmad Alnachem, Firas Karh-moham, Gulbahar Sallo, Germana Palmiotti, Hannah Goebel, Marya Zhariy, Miguel Sánchez Barea, Saif Sahoud, Twana Kushnau, Victor Tapio Rangel Kuoppa

Theoretical conceptualisation: Aneta Stojnić

Project coordinator: Vivian di Iorio
Workshops leaders and curators: Aneta Stojnić and Vivian di Iorio
Guest Lecture by: Lonita Kuyumji
Guest Lecture by: Adriana Torres Topaga
Guest workshop by: Maria Steinbauer

Click here for exhibition program.

Theatre piece by ALS DER FRIEDEN ERSCHOSSEN WURDE by Ahmed Alnachem and performance KILL DAS PANETTONE by Germana Palmiotti were also broadcasted at


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