Cyborgs and Other Others

Cyborgs and Other Others

Lecture performance

CZKD Centre for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade

27th March 2016

On performativity, liminality and subventions of body in the cyberspace…

Already in the early 80s Donna Haraway noted that our otology is cyborg ontology and it gives our politics. In this lecture performance I shall re-visit Cyborg Manifesto critically re-examining it from the contemporary moment. Who has taken the symbolical and actual place of the cyborgs from cyberpunk fiction, today, in the age of digital control?
In postindustrial, postmodern, biopolitical, digital era new electronic, media, cyber technologies changed the human perception not only of time and space, but also of our own bodies. Considering discontinuities and continuities between the human and the machine, this lecture performance addresses the relation between cyber-technology and fiction, cyber and non-cyber space as well as the practices of techno-performance, cyberformance and digital performance dealing with transgressions and subversions of body via technology. In the discursive framework of biopolitics and necropolitics we will open the questions of politics of liminal bodies, liminal spaces and new radical subjectivities emerging from reconfigurations from natural through cultural to technological body.

Performative discussion with Aneta Stojnic about the focal topics from her book “Theory of Performance in Digital Art: Towards a New Political Performance” and her ongoing research between cyber and non-cyber space will be lead by CZKD’s Ana Isaković.

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