On Presence: Performance, Body, Screen – LECTURE PERFORMANCE

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On Presence: Performance, Body, Screen is a lecture performance that deals with the relation between the screen and the body of the performer where the present body becomes the final destination whilst fascination with the living body evokes the striving for that which lies behind the frame of appearance.

While giving a theoretical overview (lecture) on the focal problem I have gradually switched form pre-recorded example video materials, to live recording and web camera broadcasting of the event. Playing with the immediacy of the image of audience, discussion participants, myself, etc. I have directed the dramaturgy of the lecture performance, provoking various interactions from the audience.

In those terms I have shown the processes in which the use of technology in performing arts provides the simultaneity and brings uncertainty in the reality status of that what is shown.

author & performer> Aneta Stojnic

namaTRE.ba festival, Trebinje 2009

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