Dansens Hus STOCKHOLM, Sweeden Open Door

During  ENPARTS Open campus at Dansens Hus in Stockholm where I worked together with 14 international artists on development of interdisciplinary projects within framework of performing arts. The daily work consisted of discussions and workshops complemented by inspiring lectures, and visits by selected experts from various fields. Dansens Hus offered its magnificent facilities and technical support for the workshop, and was the main venue for Open Door – an open presentation of the work.

During the intensive proces we organized ourselfes into working groups developing specific projects. Finally we ended up with six performances, two films and one installation turning the whole Danses Hus into one exhibition space on the Open day.

Save the Last Dance

The Eye is not the Camera


Artists: Tom Engels (BE), Jan Rohwedder (DE) Miguel Alvarez-Fernandez (EP), Josue Moreno Prieto (EP), Claire Cunningham (GB), Erika Tasini (IT), Aneta Stojnic (RS), Ljiljana Tasic (RS), Miona Petrovic (RS), Jovana Rakic Kiselcic (RS), Dorna Aslanzadeh (SE), Rosalind Goldberg (SE)

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