This is so Political

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Belgrade 20th October 2011

 Leipzig 17th September 2011

This is so Political

are: Aneta Stojnić and Isidora Ilić

Is political “new black”?


What is political art in the times when political has become the necessary ‘ingredient’ of applications guidelines, project proposals, curatorial concepts, etc. and how does it   effect  the role and the position of an artist today?

What is the difference between political art and political act in art?

What or who defines an art piece as political? And for which purpose?

Performance “This is so political” deals with the problem of voiding of the very meaning of the political in art throughout the repetition of the quest for the political. As artists who deal with issues of art and politics we need to re-question our own position in the situation when the political has become the trend (a brand ?) a kind of a hype in the art world today.

The responsibility of an artist starts with the awareness that, perhaps, it is not about making ‘political art’ but about making art politically.

Project was initiated during Platforma11  project week* in Leipzig September 2011. On the occasion of the exhibits day Platforma Walk we wrote on each-others t-shirts the (self)ironical slogan THIS IS SO POLITICAL re-questioning in this way the process,  procedures and products of the exhibition/showing, as well as our own position as a part  of this exhibition.

We did our second intervention in Belgrade at the opening of 52nd October Salon, 20nd October 2011.

*platforma11 was an international and interdisciplinary project  in Leipzig, Germany,  aiming to create an open space process reflecting on the topics “art, politics and education” and their relationship to one another through workshops, lectures, panels, exhibitions etc. The “Walk” was the final event, showing  of the work results.

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